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Simple Cross Browser Jquery Plugins

Corners, Shading and Shadow to Images

Corners, Shading and Shadow to Images Corner.js allows you to add corners, shading and shadow to images on your website. Browser Compatibility: Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Google Chrome, Opera 9+, Safari and IE6+. Various Corner Effects Rounded corners without images! Plus lots of other interesting corner adornments like bevels, notches, dogears, etc. You can easily apply different effects to top and bottom corners, or apply an effect to specific corners. Browser Compatibility: Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Google Chrome, Opera 9+, Safari and IE6+. Rounded Corners with Drop Shadow This is a convenient way to create elements with … + Read More

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4 Components Attributed To Site Load Time

Many clients wonder what can be done to speed up their site. Below you will find 4 major components that can be attributed to a sites speed. 1. Internet Connection First, lets cover one of the areas that web designers do not have control over — and that is a person’s internet connectivity. This refers to the user’s signal strength transmitted by their internet provider (i.e. VerizonFios, Comcast, AOL, etc). If you believe that your internet is running slower than it should, contact your internet provider immediately. 2. Computer Speed There are many contributors involved … + Read More

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Create Your Own Font with These Font Creation Tools! This is a tool for those of you out there who have legible handwriting. YourFonts is an awesome online tool that converts your handwriting into fonts! Download their template, fill in all the boxes with you own handwriting, then scan and upload it to the website. Preview your new font and download it to your computer. Use the FontStruct tool from FontShop to design your own font. You’ll have to sign up to use their editor, but it only takes a few seconds. Their online editor has tons of features that you can … + Read More

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Top CSS Web Design Font Solutions

Font Squirrel @font-face Kits

Font Squirrel @font-face Kits Font Squirrel is perhaps the most popular font-replacement resource at the moment. Font Squirrel relieves any worry you may have about font licenses, as all of the fonts provided are freely available for commercial purposes. The site has hundreds of fonts to choose from, everything from sans-serif to novelty style fonts. The site offers @font-face kits that provide you with all the formats you need and also includes the HTML and CSS needed as well. If you can’t find the @font-face kit for the font you wish to use, they also … + Read More

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Can’t Find the Font You’re Looking For? Use Font Identification Resources! WhatFontis is one of the best Font Finder tool for Web designers. Identify information about Fonts from Image through WhatFontis. This is an amazing tool that is as interesting in it’s process as it is in the majestic simplicity in which it performs it’s task. Identifont asks you a series of questions about the characteristics of the font you are trying to identify. As you answer the questions more and more fonts are discounted as viable until you get the font of your choice. WhatThefont is a font recognition system that … + Read More

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Top 10 Resources to Download Free Fonts DaFont is an archive of freely downloadable fonts. Fonts are categorized by theme, and can also be sorted by name, date, and popularity. The site also allows users to enter custom text when previewing fonts. UrbanFonts is a great resource for an immense listing of free and commercial fonts. UrbanFont provides a textbox where you can type in your text, play with the font size; tweak it’s font style; font color and background color to get its look-and-feel before you actually download them. At FontCubes, you’ll find a library of free … + Read More

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Mozilla Firefox VS Internet Explorer

Firefox takes a bite out of IE

Making the Switch It’s no secret that change is hard, but sometimes change is for the better! Here at Lform we strongly recommend that you make the switch from using outdated and inferior web browsers like Internet Explorer and start using an extremely efficient web browser like Mozilla Firefox. It wasn’t long ago that Internet Explorer held the majority of the market share for web browsers; however, this is no longer the case. Internet Explorer is so susceptible to viruses and has such an inferior application performance, that over 100 MILLION users have already made … + Read More

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Best Web Design Practices

In this post you will be given a list of the most respected practices web designers use today. These methods will not only help optimize your site’s speed and visibility, but they also have the potential to increase traffic to your site. By following these steps it will ensure the best user experience possible for your target audience. Secondary Designs Users don’t want to feel that they have switched to a different site when viewing secondary pages. The homepage is the backbone of the entire site design and every subsequent page is a continuation with … + Read More

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Top Web Design Principles

It is important to keep in mind that it is the duty of your hired web design firm to educate you on the “in’s and out’s” of web design. Though the concepts and technology behind web design may be foreign to you, it is always beneficial to have a general understanding of this new investment. Through research and experience, Lform has come up with a list of top web design principles for you to keep in mind when providing design feedback. Remember, it is your job to present the designer with visual or functional problems, … + Read More

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