What Clients Say...

CAST Lighting

From our initial interview with Ian, from Lform, we felt that he understood who we were as a company and what we were looking to accomplish with our new website. We immediately knew we wanted to work with Lform. He had a well defined web-development process and time line schedule, which he was not afraid to hold our hand to the fire to get things done and Lfrom always delivered their end on scheduled time lines. Working with the Lform team was a pleasurable experience and they were very helpful in educating our marketing person on managing the back end of the website. Our finished website truly represents who we are as a company and makes our products pop. When you work with Lform you get more than just a web design company!

Aquarius Supply

Lform has proven to be a rare case of a website design team that also has strengths in marketing, design and copywriting and customer relations. This synergy of talent has paid off in developing a personalized user interface that has enticed and engaged our customers since the launch of our new site. There was seamless integration of our needs and wants into a remarkable and aesthetically appealing website. Throughout the process, their assistance and knowledge-sharing has enabled us to use our website in ways we once thought impossible. Also, their Administrative Software was customized and simple to use which alleviated a multitude of potential learning-related and technical delays that had our site up and readily modifiable in a relatively short time-frame. We enthusiastically recommend LForm for your business. No matter the size of your company or the industry you service, LForm will bring your vision to life.

Kinetek Consulting

When we preformed our first website overhaul in 2012 we met with multiple designers, big agencies, and boutiques. None of them understood our industry or vision until we met with Ian and his team at Lform. Now in 2015, we just completed out second major website overhaul and again chose the guys at Lform for their knowledge and expertise. Ian and his team were always willing to go the extra mile to help meet our needs regardless of our requests. Since our launch of our new site, they have continued to help us succeed by offering their knowledge and insight to help our website become even greater by staying current with the latest design trends and strategies. If you need a great website, I can't suggest a better team to help you meet your vision and goals then Lform.

Colin Quinn
Marketing Manager, Kinetek Consulting


When we decided to rebrand BIO-key the first step was inviting several marketing agencies to offer capabilities presentations. This is something that I've conducted before so it came with a certain level of expectation. The last time I participated in such an event the decision narrowed down to two companies; the ultimate winner was selected because they were willing to exceed traditional expectations and offered outstanding communication.

For this project the executive team agreed on a few key requirements. We wanted to work with a New Jersey or New York City based agency. We also didn't feel that a large agency could offer the attention to detail that developing our new brand and website would require, therefore we set our sights on searching for a small to midsize agency that could meet our needs. The search included employees referring agencies they knew, inviting our incumbent agency to present and inviting three outside agencies we identified through online research. Each agency presented their strengths in different manners; but one clearly stood out.

Right from the onset it was clear that we found an agency that was owned and operated by a person of passion and integrity. There was a certain level of comfort as we learned how the agency managed website development in a regimented and controlled manner. Having developed a few websites in my day it was obvious that Lform had turned what can sometimes be a haphazard process – into a clearly defined process with accountability checkpoints and dedicated communication updates. Therefore we all felt that Lform could manage the operational process. But great websites and great marketing are defined by the creative outcomes and their ability to influence the market. This was a primary focus for BIO-key, a world leader in biometric software development. A core objective was to deliver cutting edge creativity; so that our website and message would stand-out and resonate in a highly competitive market.

I'm sure that Ian and his team at Lform might say that we are not a traditional client. Certainly we presented challenges to our project manager and the development team with some of the change in direction and edits we requested. Yet each and every time our requests were managed with the utmost professionalism. There were times during the project, when we reached a point of doubt or confusion and we were always able to consult with the Lform team to identify the best solution. Our development team morphed into our strategic team. Ultimately, Lform delivered a new corporate logo, new company tagline, a new look and feel, along with a new website. Our goal was somewhat lofty as we entered into this project; we wanted to have the best website in the entire industry.

Today, BIO-key has the best website in the industry thanks to Lform! Our goal was to hire an agency to help us with marketing, who would have known that we hired a partner? It was a pleasure interacting with Ian and his team, but more of a pleasure is hearing the compliments from our prospects, customers and industry peers. Lform came, they saw, they conquered! Go take a peek at our website, we love it!

Scott Mahnken
Vice President of Marketing, BIO-Key


When KT&C decided to redesign our site, we met with literally dozens of web design firms from big name NYC agencies to one-man shops. But the only one who really made us feel like we could trust our brand to his vision was Ian Loew of Lform Design. He understood our product and told us from the beginning how the website would be a showcase for KT&C.

Not only was Lform conveniently located in NJ, they were the only ones who offered post-launch support without charging a premium for it. Everybody else seemed to want to wash their hands of it once the project was completed.

Well, from the moment we made the choice to go with Ian and his team, we never regretted it. Throughout the process, we were always kept in the loop and consulted on design and development decisions. Our opinions were respected and our questions were answered. The site was delivered on time and within the budget we set out in the contract.

We have learned through past experience that you get what you pay for, and if constant compliments from our customers and our sales team are any indicator of a successful website than we definitely achieved our goal! Sales are up, website inquiries have increased, and most importantly, we now have an online presence that can compete with the big boys in our industry. And once the site was launched, Ian was true to his word, always making sure any issue that arose were dealt with swiftly and permanently.

If your company needs a website, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Lform team for their hard work, technical know-how, design savvy, and follow through.

Michael Schuman
Director of Marketing, KT&C


All of us here at OMNIA are proud of our new website and feel that it is light-years beyond our previous site. We are satisfied that we now offer an effective resource for people to find out more information about our company and products. Across the board, everyone finds our current website easier to use. We now have a website that is a more accurate representation of our company and the world-renowned products we manufacture. OMNIA will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year and we now have an attractive, effective, and reliable website to carry us into our next half a century.

Karen Andrews
Marketing Director, OMNIA