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Aquarius Supply

Aquarius Supply has been serving the needs of Landscape and Irrigation contractors for more than forty years. They had a website but felt it didn’t accurately represent the stature to which they had evolved over the years.

The old site was outdated in terms of design and appeared cluttered. The navigation felt confusing and images were small and not being used effectively. In addition, the site was not responsive so anyone viewing it with a mobile device would not view an optimized experience for their screen.

Aquarius had several goals in launching a new website:

  • Redesign the site with strong visual impact.
  • Focus on user experience by making the site easy to navigate with a well-organized sitemap.
  • Use whitespace effectively and allow the user to focus on key visual elements to navigate through the site
  • Provide a variety of useful content including videos, images, testimonials, etc.

They also had a specific color scheme in mind that made use of colors reminiscent of water, land, and light.


We started off by making use of Aquarius’ photography by incorporating a large hero image on the homepage as well as several other larger images. This puts the focus on what they do and allows users to visualize the products and services in action. Several button placed careful around the site allow us to encourage the user on a specific journey through the site. We incorporated several custom icons to help users perform vital tasks (Hire a Contractor, Ask an Experts, etc.).

In addition, we incorporated social media icons in the footer to allow users to find Aquarius at their various platforms.

Secondary pages have breadcrumbs, allowing for easy page identification as well as simple navigation. A slick-looking events page informs customers of upcoming conferences that Aquarius will attend.

The site is easily updateable, using a custom built Content Management System (CMS).


Since launching the site, Aquarius has received a multitude of compliments on the ease of use and new look and feel of their web presence. We look forward to working with Aquarius in the future on additional web and marketing projects. For now, they continue to focus on populating the site with useful and informative content to capture the attention of their target audience.


Lform has proven to be a rare case of a website design team that also has strengths in marketing, design and copywriting and customer relations. This synergy of talent has paid off in developing a personalized user interface that has enticed and engaged our customers since the launch of our new site. There was seamless integration of our needs and wants into a remarkable and aesthetically appealing website. Throughout the process, their assistance and knowledge-sharing has enabled us to use our website in ways we once thought impossible. Also, their Administrative Software was customized and simple to use which alleviated a multitude of potential learning-related and technical delays that had our site up and readily modifiable in a relatively short time-frame. We enthusiastically recommend LForm for your business. No matter the size of your company or the industry you service, LForm will bring your vision to life.

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