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A highly visible company, BIO-key needed a web presence that spoke to their technological prowess and appealed to current and potential clients in a variety of fields from government and healthcare to retail and enterprise. When they came to Lform, their original website was confusing to navigate, the logo was in need of updating, and the images were not cohesive. We were to coordinate their marketing efforts by designing a look and feel that would take their brand into the future.


Working closely with Scott Mahnken, Vice President of Marketing, Lform organized a vast amount of information into an easily navigable, clean website optimized for use by consumers, partners and investors. By using our Laravel-based CMS to integrate content, Lform was able to not only give the information a home on well-organized pages but enabled BIO-key to easily update and edit information at will.

As a publicly traded company, BIO-key was very concerned that the needs of potential and current investors be met. To that end, we included an automatically updated stock chart and an iFramed SEC Filings archive. A slideshow on the homepage demonstrates the company’s ability to provide various biometric solutions and stands out with the use of illustrative “tech elements.” In addition, a linkable news crawl on the front page provides immediate user access to company headlines.

Our design team delivered a logo that is at once simple, memorable, and iconic. Strong red and black colors draw the eye in and the company name is paired with a strikingly modern symbol. It’s versatile enough to hold up at any size and timeless enough to stand up to changing styles.


Sticklers for detail, BIO-key demanded nothing less than excellence. Through the right mix of creativity, technical know-how, and one-on-one guidance, Lform delivered a site that BIO-key can proudly tout as their new online home. The future partnership between Lform and BIO-key looks bright for both companies as raises the bar in digital design, and the other revolutionizes authentication.


When we decided to rebrand BIO-key the first step was inviting several marketing agencies to offer capabilities presentations. This is something that I've conducted before so it came with a certain level of expectation. The last time I participated in such an event the decision narrowed down to two companies; the ultimate winner was selected because they were willing to exceed traditional expectations and offered outstanding communication.

For this project the executive team agreed on a few key requirements. We wanted to work with a New Jersey or New York City based agency. We also didn't feel that a large agency could offer the attention to detail that developing our new brand and website would require, therefore we set our sights on searching for a small to midsize agency that could meet our needs. The search included employees referring agencies they knew, inviting our incumbent agency to present and inviting three outside agencies we identified through online research. Each agency presented their strengths in different manners; but one clearly stood out.

Right from the onset it was clear that we found an agency that was owned and operated by a person of passion and integrity. There was a certain level of comfort as we learned how the agency managed website development in a regimented and controlled manner. Having developed a few websites in my day it was obvious that Lform had turned what can sometimes be a haphazard process – into a clearly defined process with accountability checkpoints and dedicated communication updates. Therefore we all felt that Lform could manage the operational process. But great websites and great marketing are defined by the creative outcomes and their ability to influence the market. This was a primary focus for BIO-key, a world leader in biometric software development. A core objective was to deliver cutting edge creativity; so that our website and message would stand-out and resonate in a highly competitive market.

I'm sure that Ian and his team at Lform might say that we are not a traditional client. Certainly we presented challenges to our project manager and the development team with some of the change in direction and edits we requested. Yet each and every time our requests were managed with the utmost professionalism. There were times during the project, when we reached a point of doubt or confusion and we were always able to consult with the Lform team to identify the best solution. Our development team morphed into our strategic team. Ultimately, Lform delivered a new corporate logo, new company tagline, a new look and feel, along with a new website. Our goal was somewhat lofty as we entered into this project; we wanted to have the best website in the entire industry.

Today, BIO-key has the best website in the industry thanks to Lform! Our goal was to hire an agency to help us with marketing, who would have known that we hired a partner? It was a pleasure interacting with Ian and his team, but more of a pleasure is hearing the compliments from our prospects, customers and industry peers. Lform came, they saw, they conquered! Go take a peek at our website, we love it!

Scott Mahnken
Vice President of Marketing, BIO-Key
Initial Homepage Designs