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Borden Perlman Salisbury & Kelly
Borden Perlman’s needs were unique in that the site required was actually three sites in one. A main website and then separate sites for Sports and Rail insurance. These pages were to fit together seamlessly while maintaining their own separate identities as separate branches of the company.
Utilizing the Lform CMS allowed us to develop three separate sites that tie in together through design. They are each maintained using their own separate back end. Header images feature their clients in their own unique environments, helping to tell the Borden Perlman story. Sidebars feature randomized testimonials and “Did You Know?” facts, promoting engagement with the site. Responsive coding allows the site to be viewed perfectly on any device.
Stakeholders at Borden Perlman all expressed their pleasure with the new design and easy-to-navigate user experience of the new site. The CMS allows for painless editing of most text and images on the site and for new basic pages to be added at any time.
Initial Homepage Designs