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Seeking a contemporary look to accurately represent and refresh Capsicum's prowess in technological leadership, the group reached out to Lform in August of 2012. Because of technology's never-ending evolving nature from day to day, employees were often reluctant to direct clients to view an outdated website regarded as stale. Inadequately showcasing Capsicum's abilities, the site seen as lackluster didn't grab attention and wasn't designed with an appreciation for the nuances of color coordination in mind. According to Sandy Goldstein, president of Capsicum, a site in tune with the virtual space was needed, a goal requiring cosmetic touch ups and content cleansing to project enhanced professionalism. Beyond design, the former website was coded in Joomla, which due to employee unfamiliarity led to extended editing time. A transition to WordPress would correct this issue.
After listening to their needs, Lform analyzed Capsicum's site problems to produce wireframes, akin to prototypes and templates, that allowed the client selections in design choices during numerous meetings where talk of methodology and marketplace comparisons were conducted. The essence of the revamping lay in areas of style, including design, color schematics, and font. To start, the speed of the slideshow on the homepage was calibrated to be less rushed and consequently less straining for the viewer. Arranged neatly into a centralized cohesiveness that employs images of heightened quality and a palette with comfortable shades, the redesigned site invites prospective clients to contact Capsicum through incorporated social media, a contact us form, a blog, quotes from previous clients, and an FAQs page. In addition, an accordion format helps save space while a polished site map makes navigation easy.
Praises for the updated look and feel have led to employees unreservedly sharing the site with colleagues, clients, and prospective clients. Confused searches for specific pages disappeared with the new site, even though the navigation mimics the previous site's style, not to mention an improved system of printing PDFs.
Initial Homepage Designs