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Dauphin is a leading provider of consultative seating solutions for corporate, education, hospitality, and healthcare markets. Since 1969, they have been on the cutting edge of the seating industry with a history of innovation in healthy sitting and ergonomic design. They were in need of a website designed to show their modern sensibility, developed to offer clients an easy to use overview of their products, and created to scale as they grew.

The old Dauphin website had an outdated look and feel with navigation that left a vast amount of content underserved and hard to find. In addition, there were inconsistent design elements throughout, which led to confusion for site visitors.

Dauphin came to Lform with several requests:

  • A clean, modern design, easy for clients to navigate with tasteful use of whitespace.
  • Create a Products section that allowed users to filter results by category, style, family, and features.
  • Integrate a resources area where user would have the ability to download a variety of document in various categories.
  • Maintain a consistent approach to design wherein all pages of the site have a consistent look and feel.
  • Develop an area on the site where users would be able to search for sales representatives in their area through filtering by region and state.

Lform’s team of designers and developers quickly got to work. First, we created a basic look and feel utilizing whitespace and a modern typeface to reimagine the Dauphin online brand. The new design replaced the former homepage look of a single chair against a white background with a large slideshow are featuring beautiful images of Dauphin products being used in their natural environments. Underneath, we added a simple image-based interface to look at products by category. Other pages followed suit with an emphasis on high quality images and ease of navigation.

With the design phase complete, our designers began the monumental task of creating the products filtering system. By far the most complex area of the site on the backend, the goal was to make it simple for users to find exactly what they want through filtering. This required setting up relationships between products, product families, product styles and features.  

One by one, the Lform team checked off everything on the list and more as we worked closely with the Dauphin crew and constantly adjusted to change things up on the fly when new functionality and design requests were received.


After the launch of the website, we immediately received high praise from the CEO of the company as well as the team we worked with. It was, they said, everything they wanted and more. Customers have been able to easily research products and find the resources they needed on the new site. As we wrap up our work, continuing to perform minor enhancements, talks have already begun between Lform and Dauphin about working on future projects including product landing pages and a full website redesign for sister company, Valo. We look forward to working again soon with our friends at Dauphin. 

Initial Homepage Designs