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We create custom websites and integrated marketing solutions for B2B, manufacturing and technology brands.
KT&C came to Lform looking for a redesign of their website. It was clear that they needed something more reflective of their advanced technological offerings.
Lform delivered a completely unique, immersive online experience. The homepage features a large slideshow using high-resolution images coupled with stylized, customizable text. A featured product showcase sits below in a carousel, with more tabs leading to product families. Smooth transitions throughout the site make for a high-tech, modern feel. By utilizing Lform’s CMS (Content Management System), KT&C retains control over every page. They have the ability to enter content including products, images, descriptions, specs and diagrams. In addition, we developed a custom lens calculator.
Thanks to the Lform team, KT&C now has a web presence that matches their international reputation for excellence.

When KT&C decided to redesign our site, we met with literally dozens of web design firms from big name NYC agencies to one-man shops. But the only one who really made us feel like we could trust our brand to his vision was Ian Loew of Lform Design. He understood our product and told us from the beginning how the website would be a showcase for KT&C.

Not only was Lform conveniently located in NJ, they were the only ones who offered post-launch support without charging a premium for it. Everybody else seemed to want to wash their hands of it once the project was completed.

Well, from the moment we made the choice to go with Ian and his team, we never regretted it. Throughout the process, we were always kept in the loop and consulted on design and development decisions. Our opinions were respected and our questions were answered. The site was delivered on time and within the budget we set out in the contract.

We have learned through past experience that you get what you pay for, and if constant compliments from our customers and our sales team are any indicator of a successful website than we definitely achieved our goal! Sales are up, website inquiries have increased, and most importantly, we now have an online presence that can compete with the big boys in our industry. And once the site was launched, Ian was true to his word, always making sure any issue that arose were dealt with swiftly and permanently.

If your company needs a website, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Lform team for their hard work, technical know-how, design savvy, and follow through.

Michael Schuman
Director of Marketing, KT&C

Initial Homepage Designs