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Power Your Site with a Content Management System

What is a Content Management System? 

A Content Management System, or CMS, is an application designed to create, edit and manage a website. Content Management Systems are generally evaluated using the following criteria: Ease of AdministrationCustomizationSecuritySpeed and SEO Friendliness.

What is WordPress? 

WordPress is the most popular open-source blogging engine in the world.  It has a strong community offering thousands of plugins and themes—many for free. Out of the box, WordPress offers a strong blogging platform along with a simple page and user system.

What is Ada?

Ada is Lform's Content Management System and is built on an open-source PHP framework, Laravel 5.4. Using a variety of open-source packages in combination with internally developed components, our CMS  may be implemented for small and large projects. By default, the system is very lean and we only implement the features your site needs to ensure speed and efficiency.

Which Content Management System is Better? 

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Ease of Administration

If you're just editing blog entries (like this one) or making a simple 'About' page, WordPress works great. However once you go beyond these capabilities, editing content in WordPress can be frustratingly difficult. The page system quickly reveals its limitations only allowing basic inputting of text and images. Even with plugins (3rd party extensions), extensive customization is required to make WordPress friendly to non-blog content.

Lform's CMS, on the other hand, is implemented from the ground up based on your website requirements. Pages are straight forward to manage and edit. Our back-end administrative tool is well designed, saving you time and making content management as smooth as possible.

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WordPress can be endlessly customized with its myriad of plugins, however these have a hidden cost. First, plugins may conflict with each other. Secondly, each additional plugin introduces its own scaling and speed issues as it adds more data to the system. Finally, if WordPress needs to be upgraded, whether for security or speed purposes, these plugins may not be compatible with the latest version.

Lform's CMS is built to be customized. Similar to adding another floor to a building. Each component is designed to work with the rest of the system without issues.

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WordPress is fairly secure. However once you begin installing 3rd party plugins, each one carries a potential security risk. [On a side note, always be sure to audit plugins on a quarterly basis or at the very least when you update to the latest version of WordPress.] While WordPress has good password security, a compromised login often times leads to your site being utilized for spamming purposes.

Lform's CMS is extremely secure. We've taken precautions to guard against hackers by using industry best practices. Passwords are encrypted and securely stored in a database. Built-in spam-prevention stops bots cold. Finally, common website exploits such as database injections will not be able to infiltrate.

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As content increases, website load times also increase with WordPress, which negatively impacts your SEO. WordPress loads all components despite being utilized for a full scale site or blog.

With Lform's CMS, only necessary components are run. This keeps page load times low and search rankings high. Additionally, the built-in caching system keeps things running smoothly as your site scales.

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SEO Friendliness

WordPress' core system is SEO friendly but requires 3rd party plugins for more advanced search engine optimization functions.

Lform's CMS follows SEO best practices with friendly URLs and title tags by default. Universal title tags and meta descriptions may be set, but advanced customization may be implemented on individual pages if desired. Furthermore, if you're working with an search engine optimization company who has requested specific functions, the system can be modified by our team within hours.

Overview of WordPress & Ada

WordPress is the best blogging platform. Many of WordPress' security issues are due to third-party plugins. These plugins are necessary to increase the functionality and design options but introduce problems.

Built on Laravel 4, Lform's CMS allows for the rapid development of custom components and the easy integration of a custom design. WordPress has its place. However, for a professional website it falls short.

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