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Standing out in a crowded marketplace is a necessity for profitability and success. Therefore, establishing a unique brand identity for products and services that reflect your company and its values is essential. Representing your business with consistency is also key; it exudes professionalism and helps prospects easily distinguish your company and services from the competition. Effective branding can also minimize the need for large-scale marketing initiatives because your audience has a pre-set understanding of your business’s quality and purpose.

It’s clear that good branding solves business problems. As branding experts for the B2B manufacturing and consulting markets, we understand your industry, your clientele, and what matters most to them. We work closely with each of our clients to create a lasting image that communicates your company’s unique value proposition and resonates with your core audience.

We specialize in the following:

Brand Identity

Brand identity is one of the most valuable assets of a business. A brand identity says who you are as a company, it communicates concepts, a personality, emotions, values, your culture. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says, “Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room." But we say, branding is what people remember about you when you’re not in the room.

An identity is tasked with doing many things including being easily recognizable and memorable. Therefore, a brand identity should be developed with thought, strategy, and precision to make sure it accurately and authentically represents your company.

Below is a list of what makes up a well-rounded brand identity.

Logo Design

Logos are a part of the physical aspect of a brand—that recognizable symbol that lets people know it’s you. It’s what’s on your website, your packaging, your advertisements, the front doors to your building. It’s everywhere, so it’s important that it stands out among the crowded marketplace, that it’s recognizable, and of course, memorable.

There are two types of logo redesigns: a total redesign and an evolutionary redesign. A total logo redesign comes when there is a monumental shift in a company. A total redesign exemplifies this major philosophical or structural change and the new emerging company—such as a merger, a change in key services, or a incident with major negative ramifications where a rebrand is required to show a fresh new company.

An evolutionary logo design is when a company, that hasn’t undergone any major shifts, embarks on a rebrand because its logo has become dated. A good example of this is the fast food chain Wendy’s, which updated its 1983 logo in 2013.

Brand Systems

Branding is all about consistency. How do you get there? With a style guide. A brand system keeps a brand consistent for everything from outbound marketing and collateral to a company’s website and internal communications, and a style guide is essentially a visual DNA of a company's branding. A style guide dictates logo size requirements and placement, color palette, appropriate fonts, iconography, photography, tone, messaging, and even web-specific elements—like brand colors, fonts, etc.—all the way down to its 404 error pages.

Tagline & Message Development

Message development, copywriting, and tagline development are all about the voice of a brand—what you want to say about the company and how you want to say it.

When tackling message development, enlisting a professional copywriter is important for a brand. Leave it to the experts to ensure that your brand message is stay clear, consistent, and compelling.

In addition to key messages, taglines are also sometimes employed to further develop your brand. There are generally two types of tag lines: descriptive taglines and aspirational taglines. For example, a descriptive tagline would be “Lform: A B2B Web Design Company;” it describes who we are and what we do succinctly. An aspirational tag line would be, “Lform: Sites Built to Last;” it demonstrates what we want to aspire to do as a company.   

Stationery & Collateral

Stationery and collateral are materials that support your brand identity. At Lform, we specialize in developing full collateral sets from your basic stationery needs including, a letterhead, envelopes, invoicing, and building signage to traditional and digital marketing collateral such as promotional products, Powerpoint presentation decks, brochures, print and online ads, email templates, and social media-specific logos optimized per platform.

Digital Brand

In today’s world, you’re only as relevant as your online presence. This means having a killer website, social media channels that churn out valuable content, and email campaigns that convert. This is your digital brand.

At Lform, we help you take your digital brand to the next level with striking online ads, email templates, and social media.

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